Can I apply for a visa though Australian consulate?

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I am living in Mumbai, can I apply for the visa from the Australian consulate or I have to go to the Australian High Commission in New Delhi. I need to know as soon as possible, as I want to go there with my friends.


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  1. John


    There is no problem in applying for a visa through Australian Consulate in Mumbai.

    We all know that Australia is really a great country to visit and ultimate tourist attraction because it caters to every type of traveler. But before you pack your bags and head for the land down under, make sure that you have the appropriate visa for your trip.

    Obtaining your Australian visa is quite easy and you can apply online as well, which is one of the most convenient ways to do so. Through which you can prepare for your trip. While you can very well apply for your visa personally through the Australian consulate in Mumbai having it processed online allows you to attend to other details of your trip while waiting for your visa application approval.

    So feel free to apply from Mumbai and there is no need to go to New Delhi. I hope this will help you and now you can easily apply from your home town, without spending a lot of time and doing futile efforts.

    I am happy to be of your help, but still if you have something to share, share with me.


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