Calcutta university's ba part II general under (1+1+1) new regulations exam date ?

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  1. Guest28051488

     yes i want bcom part 2 (general) exam date

  2. Guest26676319

    plz inform the schedule date of B.A 2nd year general subject of supplumentry exams

  3. Guest22951011

     Please inform me the date of B.A, part-II.Exam schedule of philosophy honourse.

  4. Guest22731159

    I am student b.a 3rd year general.plz infrom b.a 3rd year rutin?

  5. Guest21687830

    please inform me for ba

  6. Guest20217480
    i want to know the result of ba part II under 1+1+1
  7. Guest20214994
    i want result of thes
  8. Guest19238648
    B.A Generai exam rutin
  9. Guest19102418
    Plz inform the schedule date of B.A 1 nd year new 1+1+1 date 2010
  10. Guest19076657
    examintion date of-histry, education, polscience
  11. Guest19076657
    i want ba part2 exam date
  12. Guest19076657
    i ant ba part2 exam date
  13. Guest18958032
    exmanation date
  14. Guest18600605
    PLSG 2&3
  15. Guest18260383
    Plz inform the schedule date of B.A 2 nd year new 1+1+1 date 2010
  16. Guest18207506
    My subject combination is Political-science, History, Education & Environment science under 2+1 / 1+1+1 system please give me date schedule of this examination 2010
  17. Guest17952743
    yes,i want BA part II exam date
  18. Guest17633375
    Pls inform the schedule date of B.A 2 nd year new 1+1+1 date

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