CT4810 (SB PCI128) - what are its tech specs? What is Mic input impedance?

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I need the technical (spec. electrical/signal) specifications for a Sound Blaster PCI128 (model number CT4810, option with jumpers to switch Speaker to Line-Out) by Creative Labs.

Most importantly, I need to know the impedance on its Microphone input.

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    (I am the original poster of this question, and I'm posting the answer so that other people may benefit) Microphone Impedance: 600 Ohms Line-In Impedance: 47 KOhms CD Audio-In Impedance: 50 KOhms Microphone Sensitivity: 10 - 200 mVpp Line-In Sensitivity: 0 - 2 Vpp CD Audio-In Sensitivity: 0 - 2 Vpp Vpp stands for 'peak-to-peak', and it's typical when the audio signal passes through a set level to form a wave. In this particular case I would assume that it would be good not to pass the 2V mark (concentrating around the 1V mark seems like a good choice, with about +-0.95Vp). Too bad I had to find this answer myself. ;-) But I hope someone stumbles upon this one day and will find it helpful. By the way - this makes the CT4810 a fair preamp for a dynamic microphone - the typical 600Ohm impedance of its input, together with its low 10mV sensitivity helps it pick up most of the sound, and the ability to switch it to line-out mode eliminates most noise (esp. the noise generated by the PC power feed on the amp, when in speakers-out mode).

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