CRAZY FOAL. i have recently bought a mare with afilly foal at foot. The mare is lovely to catch

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i have recently bought a mare with afilly foal at foot. The mare is lovely to catch but i cant seem to get near the filly, i have bought a foal slip, but i can get it on her. Has anyone got any tips for me?




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    did the answer help? i hope it did.

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    if you have had her for a long time and she still has not been caught. if the filly is eating yet then try coaxing her out with food. if that doesn't work i suggest getting a 2 hour time slot(the longer the better) go out there with a good book or two and some grain. take the mare out of the pen or pasture. Go somewhere in the field where you can be comfertable and put the grain out near you(how close and how far away depend on how mcuh the filly trusts you) and wait when the filly comes up if you don't need to catch her i wouldn't try let her eat and then SLOWLY move from the sitting position and leave. i know you think this is crazy, but after a few times of calling her and giving her grain she will assoiate you with the grain and think that you mean a good thing.  once she is older i would try to do Join Up with her and the mom.

    speaking from experince i would not scare her in any way. if you want to catch her be pationt. if you do need to catch the filly the first time you try this, be sure to try and not startle her. It may be difacolt to get her the first time so beware it is much MUCH harder to try this the second time after she has been scared! good luck

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