How can I get into commercials?

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I am a good looking lady and I wanted to enter the fashion industry and my priority would be to perform in commercials , can you give me any tip how can I start the commercials.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Commercials are vital part of the advertising and lot of people in the movies and other fashion related fields are going into commercials. If you want to start your career in the commercials you have to look for certain objective and short term goals that can help you.
    First of all the main thing that you should do is that you should get some good shots of yourself from a professional photographer. Depending upon your looks you can have a better ideas on your looks what angle of your picture looks good. The second thing that you can do is that you should provide good information about yourself in a precise manner and mention you contact detail and other references related to you. Nowadays there are many agents which are available for help and assistance , you can hire such assistance for the auditions and assisting the cast directors and producers who will specify your talent according to you assignments.
    You should also keep track of the resources and the latest upcoming productions and commercials which were being filmed for taking photographs and resumes by the producers and talented agents. The best way to find the latest information through the internet. There is a state agency in every state . you must get registered to them and if there is any other person sin your area he or she can also get registered with that commission. Also make yourself available to the advertising agencies that produce television and also radio commercials for that matter.

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