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How to Read a BMP File using C/C++

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hi There, XL C/C++ is an optimizing, standards-based, command-line compiler for Linux on POWER. You can use XL C/C++ as a C compiler for files with a .c (lowercase c) suffix, or as a C++ compiler for files with a .C (uppercase C), .cc, .cpp, or .cxx suffix. XL C/C++ supports the two ISO programming language specifications for C: C89 and C99. The C++ compiler supports the latest revised ISO C++ 2003 standard (ISO/IEC 14882:2003), as well as a subset of the C99 language functionality. Additionally, the compiler supports numerous language extensions, including a subset of the GNU gcc and g++ language extensions. XL C/C++ creates binary or object files that are compatible with those produced by GCC. To achieve this compatibility, a program compiled with XL C/C++ includes the same headers as those used by GCC on the same system. XL C/C++ uses the GNU gcc and g++ headers, and the resulting application is linked with the C and C++ runtime libraries provided with GCC. Therefore, portions of an application can be built with XL C/C++ for optimization purposes and then combined with portions built with GCC to produce an application that functionally behaves as if it had been built solely by one compiler or the other. The relationship between XL C/C++ and GCC for Linux on POWER can be summarized as follows: Compilation uses the GNU gcc and g++ header files from the Linux distribution Compilation of .s files uses GNU assembler Linking uses the GNU linker The compiled program uses the GNU gcc and g++ runtime libraries Debugging uses gdb, the GNU debugger IBM built-in functions for Power Architecture processors coexist with GNU gcc/g++ built-ins Back to top XL C/C++ documentation When you install XL C/C++, you get these PDF documents: Getting Started with XL C/C++ for Linux (getstart.pdf) will get you started. XL C/C++ for Linux Installation Guide (install.pdf) contains instructions for installing the compiler and enabling the man pages. XL C/C++ for Linux C/C++ Language Reference (language.pdf) contains information about the C and C++ language as supported by IBM. XL C/C++ for Linux Compiler Reference (compiler.pdf) contains information about the various compiler options, pragmas, macros, and built-in functions, including those used for parallel processing. XL C/C++ for Linux Programming Guide (proguide.pdf) contains information on advanced programming topics, including optimization. These documents reside in: The /docs/LANG/pdf directory of the installation CD, where LANG represents the language and location code. The /opt/ibmcmp/vacpp/7.0/doc/LANG/pdf directory, after the compiler is installed. An HTML version of the product documentation is installed in the /opt/ibmcmp/vacpp/7.0/doc/LANG/html directory. From this directory, open the file index.html to view the HTML version of the documentation.

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