Bypass barracuda web filter?

by Guest9721  |  12 years ago

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Bypass barracuda web filter? how can i bypass barracuda web filter, its crazy to have these filters in the first place.

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  1. Mark Pine

    Just set up a proxy or use a free proxy that still works. only other way is to buy into private vpn network. If all this fails, get one of your friends to give you access to a computer and use team viewer to connect.

  2. Guest22423977


  3. Guest22367531

     try typing in this
    User: Gbass
    Pass: Newsup

  4. Guest22143208

    shut up none of em' r ryt!

  5. Guest21915870

    umm...idk.....soo...dnt askk mehh!! srry!! i wud jus say..change dah proxy settings!!(: dahts all i ahv tuh sayy!!(: srry!!(:


  6. Guest21692551

    go to

  7. Guest21631409

    i really dont know how to do it i need help

  8. Guest21461948
    change your proxy seting
  9. Guest19233076
  10. Guest15915834
    Says server timed out. what does that mean?
  11. Guest14543402
    www.earthpuppet. com works great! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Guest14274284 is the best but dont let your administrator get to know otherwise he can block it manually Dr
  13. Guest13243406
    idk my bff jill
  14. Guest10086282
    Check out XB Browser all you have to do it save it to your flash drive and you can take it anywhere that has a computer for the most part.

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