Butyl or natural rubber, which is best?

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I need to run tubes in my motorcycle because it is an old classic and has rather porous cast rims. I am curious to know which is safer butyl or natural rubber. I think butyl holds air better but do not understand any more than that. Thanks for any information, suggestions or advice you can offer! Let me know as soon as possible, I am in great need of some useful information.


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  1. John


    Let me clear you, Butyl does hold air better - for the same thickness - but natural rubber is so much easier to work with. It is a better option if compared with Butyl. Even it is cheaper and made thicker than Butyl.

    From the perspective of buying, you will not be able to tell the difference. Buy on price and country of origin. Obviously more expensive is probably better quality. So go for better quality, even if it cost you because quality cannot be compromised on price.

    I have tried this material but the result was quite opposite to natural rubber. In contrast with natural rubber butyl holds are better but it is no match with rubber. I guess it is quite clear now for you, so better to keep up with natural rubber rather wasting money on butyl.

    I am happy to solve your query related to this issue. You know there is a visible different between these two materials. And there in no hard and fast rule that you must go for a specific material. But quality can make a big difference here. So rubber is recommended here.


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