Business Cards Printed on Coffee Mugs

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What is the way to get business cards printed on Coffee Mugs? Please reply me with complete details.

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  1. mae mole

     Prepare your business card design. Take note of the colors, graphics, and typography that you'll use. Remember that this is going to be printed on mugs, thus it's advisable that the design shouldn't be too complicated in order for it to still play its 'business card role'. Contact an online printing company that offers printing on mugs and then send the design.

  2. Angelina

     An enterprise business card is commonly a little part of business card supply published with your company's crucial information. For years, this unassuming part of paper has been the commerce benchmark for disseminating data to others. However, today you have a new choice for getting your data out to exceptional enterprise prospects: Print your enterprise business card on a coffee mug.
    • Locate a business that boasts the service of publishing an enterprise business card on a mug. Some nationally renowned alternatives encompass Gift Mugs, Miles Kimball, and Royal Gift Baskets and Services. If you have a very well liked localized copier, inquire if they can publish a picture on a coffee mug or if they can suggest somebody who can.
    • Prepare your enterprise business card for publishing on a mug. Make certain the business card doesn't have any locations or smudges on it. Scan the business card at 300 dpi (dots per inch) or higher, and set the dimensions to the genuine proportions of the business card (usually about 2.5 inches by 3 inches). Save the picture utilising the demanded document elongation, for example .tif or .jpg.
    • Upload, e-mail or drive (via Postal Service) the enterprise business card picture to the business that will publish your mugs. Choose the color, dimensions, amount, method and layout of your mugs. One thing to address is if you desire the picture published to the left or right of the handle, or on both edges of the mug.
    • Complete your alignment by verifying that all data to be published on the mug is correct, and then submit it. Delivery time varies by business and location. You might be adept to save some boats allegations by organising from localized printers that offer the service.

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