How to care my Brown skin baby iguana?

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We have had an iguana for about two months. He was a baby from a pet store when we bought him. We have read a great deal and think we have correct heating, lighting, humidity, etc.
The iguana has brown patches on his nose and the top of his head and a bit on the back of his neck. I do not know if they are getting browner or not, but I am noticing/worrying more. They are not crusty or infected. They look just like his other scales, but are brown.
We took him to a vet last week, for a check-up, and the vet said his color was beautiful. But I am paranoid enough to wonder, knowing this vet is not a harp specialist.
Our iguana eats and poops every day. I do not notice that he drinks, though we have a fairly large bowl of fresh water in his cage. He seems to enjoy being handled and has a good level of activity. He does not act sick in any way. What do you think?

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  1. Angelina

     Many times, what the favorite shops state are "babies" are really older, even though they are small. You may desire to twice ascertain your temperatures and how close he is getting to the heat source just in case he is getting some exterior burns that can origin the color. It can just be his usual colors approaching out also. If the locality is increased or fuzzy looking that is usually a signal of a fungus infection. Another thing that it can be is pre lost, whereas generally on a baby this will be a milky white color.
    Generally, if the locations are symmetrical (even on both edges of the neck, etc) it’s a usual hue change.
    Most iguanas don't drink which is why it’s significant to be certain to mist their greens very powerfully and offer damp fruits for example watermelon. Glad to discover he is consuming, pooping and active. Please let me understand if the localities are increased or fuzzy looking, even on both edges of the head/neck and the kind of heat you are utilizing and the nearest he can get to it.
    To read more on this, you can go to a yahoo group dedicated to
    Information about some good vets you can visit these websites


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