Does anyone know about the British Open Golf Championship?

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British golf championship is well known around the world. I want to know about the British open championship and in which year it was started. Does anyone know about it? Hope you can share this information with me.

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  1. Judi

    British open championship is well renowned as ‘The Open Championship, The Open or British Open’. It is the oldest of four foremost championships in proficient golf. It is the only unique championship held outside the USA. It is administrated by the R&A, which is the third major to take place in each year. The outcome takes position every year on one of nine bonds way frontwards in Scotland or England. In 2010, The Open will have a trophy account of £4.8 million, with £850,000 going to the champion, an advance of £100,000 over the earlier three years. The prevailing champion is Louis Oosthuizen who won the 2010 Open Championship with a count of 16 under par.
    British Open Championship was first acted on 17 October 1860 at Prestwick Golf Club, in Ayrshire, Scotland. The inaugural tournament was impeded to professionals, and appealed a paddock of eight Scottish golfers, who acted three rounds of Prestwick's twelve-hole course in a solitary day. Willie Park Senior won with a count of 174, thrashing the highly appraised, Old Tom Morris, by two strokes. The subsequent year the tournament was opened to amateurs; eight of them united 10 professionals in the field.
    Originally, the trophy submitted to the event's champion was the Champion's Belt, a red animal skin wares waist band with a bright buckle. There was no trophy wealth in the first three Opens. In 1863, a trophy account of £10 was ushered in, which was divided between the second- third- and fourth-placed professionals, with the Champion still just getting to retain the waist band for a year.


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