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Hi, my friend is a great fan of Brian Wilson, could you tell us some information about Brian Wilson, I need answer, thanks.

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    Brian Patrick Wilson is a popular closer for the San Francisco Giants of Major League Baseball. He is such an experienced player that he did not show any stress in the baseball field. At Londonderry High the coach of the Wilson was Bob Napolitano, who was struck by his extreme focus on the game. Napolitano especially remembered the first home game of Wilson's senior year, which held soon after his father's death. After Wilson’s surgery, he was drafted by the Giants in the 24th round of the 2003 Major League Baseball Draft. Earlier he signed as a starter, but he put his best efforts in Class-A, and established himself into a relief pitcher. In 2005 he started garnering admiration as a closer in the minors, playing for the Augusta Green Jackets. In April 23, 2006 Brian made his major league debut, where he pitched two innings and deliver two hits and no runs while striking out three batters. After the first inning he came to know that he hurt himself during the first half but didn't tell anyone and continued pitching through the second. Due to which he was placed in the disabled list for a month. Brian Wilson finished the season with 31 games and an ERA of 5.40.In 2008 t Brian Wilson became Giants' full-time closer. In 2009 Wilson's pitching continued to enhance his performance and he started to give frequent appearances on television, including his own locally-produced, self-filmed reality show, Life of Brian.

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