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I am doing a project and would like some info on Brent Spiners age, jobs, where he lives (city) and some other info. Can you tell me about his lifestyle.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Brent was born on the 2nd Febuary 1949 in Houston Texas he has a girlfriend by the name of Loree Mcbride they have been together for ten years they recently had a little boy called Jackson he's three months old, He's most famous for his role of Data in Star Trek the next generation and numours films but he started his acting life in the theatre after leaving collage he moved to New York and worked on and off Broadway for twelve years before going to LA to star in the stage version of the little shop of horrors he got his part in The next generation by auditioning, he has also recorded an album of old standards called of yellow eye's is back the music which he loves. He has recently finished a new Star Trek next gen film called Nemesis which should be out on 13th December US and January UK. I hope I helped you with your projectile; Brent has done so much things that's I really didn't know where to start so I've just included what I thought was relevant if you want to know anything more specific I will be very pleased to help you. Love Lara.
    Spiner moved to New York City where he became a stage actor and performed in several Broadway and Off-Broadway plays which include “The Three Musketeers” and Stephen Sondheims “Sunday in the Park with George”.

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