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Hey I'm just recently starting pointe and I was wondering how do you break them in? I've heard so many things as to ripping the soles out, hitting your shoes with a hammer, using water to soften them, wedging your shoes between doorways...I was wondering which way is better and most effective or is just simply doing barre work the best way.

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  1. Mitchel

    I know, wearing pointe shoes can be really painful, if they are not prepared properly. Some of the major difficulties in wearing a pointe shoe can be removed through the process of "breaking in" the shoe. First step towards breaking the pointe shoes is by softening the shank (the underside) and the block with your hands. Bend the shoe gently and massage it, concentrating on the demi-pointe area and continue with this technique.
    You can even buy gel packets that are fitted for pointe shoes, or sew a tiny cushion.

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