Boys or girls have you ever using the other gen locker room when they not in there?

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That goes on a lot in many school. It not abnormal at all. Base on class size, gym classes, and health classes cause a rearranging classes around. For example the 6th grade girls are having a special class on female health and the speaker can only be there for 2 hours. So those two hours when the boys also have health class is being change to gym classes so the girls gym class can have the classroom for health class.

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     At our community center mother can bring in their sons into the girls changing room, not the women changing room. As a girl growing up, I saw boys of differ ages. The range from babies to their thirdteen birthday. It was never any issues. Yes we girls scare, fill with wonders, puzzle how it work, how they have it. I saw boys develop as they saw up girls develop. The walk around nude to the showers, or restroom never trouble any of us girls. Some pool cut off is 7 for boys in girls restroom or locker room. Seeing boys as old as 12 or 13 in seeing what their bodies was changing to was a good experience. 

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