Some basic facts about Bougainvilleas

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Hi I am a student of Botany I need some basic facts about Bougainvilleas; actually I need to write an essay on this topic. Is there anyone who can help me with complete and detailed answer?

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  1. Angelina

     For color in the flower bed bougainvilleas supply some of the best choices. In cooling temperate districts it would require more protection and positioned carefully. As a compare it can be advised a weed in locations like Queensland because of its prolific development habit.
    Bougainvilleas love free-draining dirt and manage not like having surplus water round their roots. Positioned in full sun will give the best results. Fertilizer high in phosphorous and potassium directed in jump and after summer assists to sustain the color of the bracts, their most appealing characteristic, which surrounds the minute minor elite tinted flower.
    These vines are hefty feeders and reply best to feeding every week or two with ½ power water dissolvable fertilizers. With high lightweight and reliable feeding, the plants will bloom not less than 11 months of the year. Straight hibiscus nourishment has furthermore been a very thriving fertilizer.
    These plants bloom best under stress. Keep the vegetation somewhat on the dry edge, and permit the vegetation to become origin bound. In containers they should be watered often so the dirt feels in a nice way moist but not ever soggy. Water methodically, and then permit evolving quite dry between watering. They reply exceedingly well to tension, for example drought and heat, and pay you with very good bloom.
    Bougainvilleas are nearly completely insect-free. The occasional "cabbage looper" or aphid can be treated with the befitting pesticide.

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