About the biography of actor Borg.

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I have watched some of the movies of Borg, I would like to know he spend his early childhood. Can you tell me about the life career of this actor?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    The complete name of this actor is Sven Hugo Borg, he was born on July 26th 1896, he was a Swedish-American character and actor. He was born in Vinslov in Sweden. Borg was a secretary with the Swedish consulate in Los Angeles. While he was working at the consulate he met the actress Greta Garbo, she had recently arrived in the Hollywood. Garbo and Borg was her interpreter for an upcoming movie and they both agreed on that. From the year 1925 to 1929 he served as a Garbo Interpretter. Borg also decided to pursue his acting as a career. He had done dramatic work on the Swedish stage. He remained with the consulate until the late 1930s.
    The demand of the movies of Borg increased during the World War 2. He played the role of n**i Officers and Scandinavian resistance fighters. Throughout his acting career, Borg was the actor who portrayed a wide range of many different characters like Sverre King of Norway The Crusades. Borg died in 1981, he was at the age of 84 and died in the state of California, in the city of Los Angeles.
    He was a dead make up artist in the movie “The Prize” in the year 1963. Also he was played some part in the movie The Gale Storm Show, He played in the TV program Its Always Fair Weather. He played the role of Finnish American Speaker in play “The Reformer and the Redhead.”

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