Borden Chase Cocktail Recipe

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How to Make Borden Chase Cocktail Recipe by using Pinch, Johnnie Walker Black, White Horse. step by step Guide to prepare Borden Chase Cocktail for parties, invitations & celebrations.

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    Borden Chase cocktail recipe is an exotic beverage made with the help of Italian and French ingredient. This lovely drink is idealized by many people who have the sense of understanding the tremendous flavors of Scotch, Absinthe, Vermouth and Orange Bitter. Vermouth which was modernly produced in Italy and France back in 18th century has an ability to make the flavors of the drink fanatical. This fortified vine is made up of different dry ingredients. Being a classic ingredient Vermouth has become an important part of cocktails and beverages. With the strong flavors of alcohol Absinthe is yet another classic ingredient of beverages. The color of this liquid is green because it is derived from the flowers and leaves of Artemisia Absinthian. Scotch being an eminent ingredient in the world of food and beverages possess a quality to create a magical flavor to the drink. Scotch is made in Scotland and it is divided into several different categories. The last ingredient of this amazing drink is the Orange Bitter, which is usually used in drinks as a cocktail flavor. To make Borden Chase Cocktail you will require the following ratio of the ingredients: Ingredients: 0.75 oz Scotch 0.375 oz Sweet Vermouth 0.0625 oz Absinthe 1 Dash of Orange Bitters Ice Cubes as required Serving Size: 2 Preparation Time: 5 minutes

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