Bone structure criteria for Modeling.

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Hey! I read that you have to have a certain bone structure and height to model. Is this true? I am confused with this thing. I have never heard anything like that from anyone. But after reading that i want to confirm it. Do you know some thing about this? Please share the information with me.

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    Hi, It is true for fashion modeling. Yo need distinct bone structure and be at least 5'9\". Bone is a natural example of a flesh that has achieved a distinctive mixture and range of stiffness and strength. One of the dramatic features bone tissue is the proficiency towards adapt towards variable loading moods via multiple but well sorted structural arrangements of mineralized collagen fibrils at numerous grades of hierarchical organization. A profound experience of the structure-function relations within bone lacks both experimental measurement of heterogeneous elastic and structural parameters and theoretical modeling of the elastic deformation behavior. A "bottom-up" strategy for experimental measurement and numerical modeling of the hierarchical flesh from the nanoscale towards the macroscale shall be presented. Experimental data are elicited via scanning acoustic microscopy between 50 MHz and 1.2 GHz and provide anisotropic elastic and structural information at the lamellar (nanoscale) and at the tissue matrix (microscale) level. These data are directly translated into a Finite Element (FE) mesh. By numerical deformation analyses the homogenized elastic stiffness tensor of the next hierarchical grades (microscale towards macroscale) are derived. At each grade the numerical findings are cross-validated via experimental data.

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