Bone Spicule after Wisdom Tooth Extraction. How long before it goes away

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How long before it goes away

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  1. liza amelia

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  2. Guest21819753

    I was trying to get my third molar, wisdom tooth extracted, but the doctor said the roots are touching an important nerve, so they removed just the crown and left the roots inside the gums. They fillled it with some Zinc oxide powder and said the chances of healing are 50-50. I amy develpo pain later if the procedure is not successful. This is my third day and luckily everything is going just fine and am returning to normal. My question is do I need to get the roots removed now or later part of my life? What are its implications?

  3. Guest21094678
    About 8 months ago i've got my four wisdom teeth pull out and YES i had bones spicules sticking out of my gums! The complications occured even 2 months after the extraction. The first 3 weeks after extraction, i had one piece sticking out of my letf lower gum; i went to my dentist and got him to drill it out. When you have a bone sticking out of your gum, you can't stop playing with it and trying to pull it out. There was some little pieces i was able to break off and pull out but you just have to get them drill out!! It's extremely painful when the spicules are expose; the nerve pain gets to your brain. So i thought the complications where over but no; 3 to 4 weeks later i had 2 more pieces sticking out. One on the upper right and the other on the upper left gum; these where the most painful. Apparently these casses of bones spicules coming out is really rare. My dentist only seen it happend once in his life time and i was the seconde casse. The extraction was difficult, my tooth wasn't coming of by itself. 3 tooth roots came out ezcepted one root that broke from the teeth (he drill it out at the time) The only teeth that the root broke of, it's the only one that didn't have a piece of bone sticking out. It wasn't the dentist fault by the way. I hope that i help the next dude with this. Bonne aventure de dent sagesse!
  4. Guest19444474
    I had my wisdom teeth extracted about two months ago. A couple weeks after the surgery I had a bony spicule on the lower right inside part of my mouth where one was extracted. It was quite uncomfortable--especially when talking or swallowing. It took about 2 - 3 weeks for it to resolve itself. Chewing gum gave me a lot of relief in the meantime. Now I have another bony spicule on the lower LEFT inside part of my mouth. This one is more uncomfortable than the last and I'm not willing to wait for it to resolve itself. I've made a dentist appointment and I'm hoping he can numb the area and just pull it out. It might mean taking antibiotics for a while afterward but it'd be worth it to have it stop ripping up my tongue every time I swallow.

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