Boilermaker Cocktail Recipe

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How to Make Boilermaker Cocktail Recipe with straight rye, bourbon, Irish, Scotch. step by step Guide to prepare Boilermaker Cocktail for parties, invitations & celebrations.

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    If you're looking to get too drunk too fast, Boilermaker cocktail is the beverage for you. Definitely not a force to reckon with for a light weight drinker and MOST definitely not an aperitif, use it at your own risk! Now that you've been warned of turning into a drunken state “ let us assure you this cocktail is surely something you would try and get hooked onto. So in case you're looking for a drink, and not something to merely sip on, go for this mix of Beer and Whisky. Yessir! This is a hardcore drink that is only for the bravest and craziest drinkers. And what's the best thing about it? You can't mess it up. You just can't, even if you are drunk enough that you need a ride back home. Easy to make and equally easy to get drunk on, what more could a drinker want! So ladies and gentlemen, roll up your sleeves and let the Boilermaker Cocktail give you the ride of your lives! Mentioned below are the ingredients, preparation time and a brief explanation of how the cocktail is made. Preparation time: 1-3 minutes Serving: 1 glass Ingredients; - 15 oz draft beer (lighter is best) - 1 ½ oz blended whiskey

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