Bloody Marias Tequila Cocktail Recipe

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How to prepare Bloody Marias Cocktail Tequila Recipe. Find quick recipe for Tequila with Bloody Marias Cocktail and make it at home for friends, parties & celebrations.

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    Bloody Marias is an outstanding combination of hearty ingredients. It is a light drink with a fresher taste. This unique cocktail is the southern-style hermana of the <a href="../bloody-mary-cocktail-recipe-945">Bloody Mary</a>, which is the world's most complex cocktail containing tomato juice, vodka, and different spices. The only difference in both of them is that we replace vodka with tequila while making Bloody Marias. This simple recipe will make eight drinks. The fresh tomatoes and variety of sauces give this cocktail a lighter taste. In case if fresh tomatoes are not available in the market, you can use 1 litre ready-made tomato juice. Ingredients (takes 10 minutes) (750g) roughly chopped fresh tomatoes Two properly peeled and roughly chopped Lebanese cucumbers (250ml /1 cup) tequila, chilled (180ml / 3/4 cup) lemon juice (1/4 tablespoon) Tabasco sauce or cayenne pepper (1/4 tablespoon) smoked Spanish paprika (optional) 2-tablespoon Worcestershire sauce Eight small fresh stalks celery with leaves attached Ice cubes for serving purpose Agrodolce olives, to serve

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