Blood Orange Martini Recipe

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How to make Blood Orange Martini Recipe at home with easy cooking guide. Step by step Blood Orange Martini Recipe guide using ingredients like vodka, orange juice, liquor etc.

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    Blood Orange Martini is a very simple orange flavoured cocktail made with good quality citrus vodka, cointreau and fresh Blood Orange Juice. Get advantage when the blood oranges are in season and surprise your friends, family and colleagues with this delicious and colourful cocktail. The taste of Blood Orange Martini is more or less like the taste of raspberry. However, it also has a perfect orangey citrus flavour that helps making excellent martini. This recipe makes one drink but multiply the quantity of the ingredients if you plan to serve more than one. Preparation Time: 3 to 5 minutes Equipments Require: Cocktail shaker and martini cocktail glass Serving Size: 01 Ingredients; (60 ml / 2 oz) Citrus Vodka (30 ml / 1 oz) Cointreau (60 ml / 2 oz)Fresh Blood Orange Juice Ice cubes or crushed Ice as required Blood Orange Slice for garnishing - optional

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