Blinking Blue light on iomega Director Drive

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The Blue power links blinks continuously and menu does not load

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  1. Umair
    Sounds like you have either bad voltage from your power adapter or a failed enclosure. First thing to do is check the ac adapter your using, find the output Voltage, should be between 5-16V and the output Amperage, should be between .25A and 5A depending on the type of seagate enclosure you have. Now look at the stickers on the outside of the drive enclosure to verify that it uses the same voltage and amperage. If it doesn't you're using the wrong adapter(easy mistake after a move). If it's the correct adapter then you may have had a failure in the enclosure. The next thing to try is to take the drive to your local PC shop and ask the technicians there to transfer the hard drive inside it into a new enclosure for testing. If this works buy the new enclosure and you're on the way. If this also fails, something has failed in the drive itself and you will need the help of a pro. Have the technicians either return it to the original enclosure or pack it in a static free bag. Now you have a couple options. I can refer you into one of several professional facilities depending on your needs. The most common one I use is They are the least expensive on average but average 4-5 weeks for non rush orders. If you need a faster turnaround and don't mind spending a few extra bucks, reply back and including your Country, City and State and I will refer you into an appropriate facility near you.

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