Shane Powers as an actor.

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I want to know about the actor Shane Powers, He was in the reality show and he performed with the feelings which he was experiencing, how he able to express his emotions, can you tell?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Shane Power is a funny and outgoing guy and he was born in Omaha in the state of Nebraska. After finishing his school, Powers moved to Los Angeles. Shane Power was working with a club initially and also a restaurant manager. In the year of 1999, Powers and the two business partners established a boutique which was to promote the branding products. Power also coached the football team of his son. He had lots of hobbies such as basketball, softball, writing and also going out for bookstores. He felt very proud by raising his son and according to him it was a wonderful accomplishment.
    It is also said that Power had amazing communication skills and his skills helped him in various ways. He also has the ability to express his thoughts in a better way and also the ability to manipulate people. Shane Power also has the ability to change his lifestyle and his work and its getup, he can change. He was able to trick the police and also able to play artful dodging. Although Shane has a more unbalanced family but he represents the cool head. He is also a bit reserved person and has a charismatic personality. Shane Powers also worked in the movie The Lost Boys.

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