What happens when two black holes collide?

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I am a student of science and needs to have some information is there any way to predict whether a Super Nova will collapse into a singularity or just burn away? Is there a critical mass? What happens when two black holes collide? Please help me in detail and sufficient information so this question will get clear in my mind, actually I have to give a presentation on these questions in my university.

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  1. Angelina

     It is likely for two very dark apertures to collide. Once they arrive so close that they will not get away each other's gravity, they will amalgamate to become one larger very dark hole. Such a happening would be exceedingly violent. Even when simulating this happening on mighty computers, we will not completely realize it. However, we manage understand that a very dark aperture amalgamation would make marvelous power and drive huge ripples through the space-time fabric of the Universe. These ripples are called gravitational waves.
    Nobody has seen a collision of very dark apertures yet. However, there are numerous very dark apertures in the Universe and it is not preposterous to suppose that they might collide. In detail, we understand of galaxies in which two super huge very dark apertures proceed unsafely close to each other. Theoretical forms forecast that these very dark apertures will spiral in the direction of each other until they finally collide.
    Gravitational swell have not ever been exactly observed. However, they are a basic proposition of Einstein's idea of general relativity. Detecting them would supply a significant check of our comprehending of gravity. It would furthermore supply significant new insights into the physics of very dark holes. Large devices adept of noticing gravitational swell from outside space have been constructed in latest years. Even more mighty devices are under construction. The instant they notice their first gravitational signal, you are certain to discover about it!

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