Black and white film that Google cannot find

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I saw a black-and-white movie on TV a couple years ago and cannot remember who is in it or what it is called, but here is an approximation of the plot: Girl meets guy, and they fall in love, but there is something wrong with the girl so the guy rejects her. Maybe she is too "common" or has a bad past? She is kinda messed up about it for awhile and gets into drinking, I believe, but then she runs into this guy again and he feels sorry and sticks by her this time.

Somewhere in here she learns that she has this fatal disease. It starts by her not being able to feel different textures very well - I distinctly remember a scene in a doctors office where she is blindfolded and given a couple objects of different textures. One is rough and one is smooth, but to her they feel the same. The doctor tells her it is fatal, and she will know she is near the end when her vision starts going.

I think at this point she is about to marry the guy, so she does not tell him. (Maybe she does tell him later though?) They get married, and he is a doctor searching for a cure for something. Near the end of the movie, he is heading out for a meeting or conference or something where he is going to present his research, a big discovery I think. Just before he leaves, she starts to complain that it is getting dark. Her housekeeper or somebody knows what that means, but the girl decides to keep this from her husband so he can go tell the world about his medicinal discovery. Near the end she can barely see him at all, but she pretends she is fine and urges her husband to go with an inspiring speech. He leaves and she goes upstairs to her room to die quietly.

Anyway, the poignancy of the ending was my favorite part, and I have not been able to track this down. I would appreciate any help!

Thank you!

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  1. John

    Hi Sarah

    The story-line you have described is almost identical (except for a few differences) to one of my Favorite classic Bette Davis films of the late 1930s called \"Dark Victory\". It also starred George Brent and Geraldine Fitzgerald, with Humphry Bogart in a small role (before he became a big star.

    However, in this film, the girl (Bette) is rich and spoiled, and changes after she meets George.

    At the end, she and her best friend are planting flowers in the garden, when Bette remarks that it's getting cloudy and very dark. She sends her husband off to his conference, finds her way up to her bedroom, and to the voices of a choir of angels and the Warner Bros. orchestra, dies peacefully. Quite a \"tearjerker\".

    I think the film was remade years later, but perhaps with a different title. Hope this helps.

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