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I saw parts of this movie years ago on Turner Classic Movies and I want to see it again only I do not know the name. It is about a woman who sets things up to kill her husband but things go wrong. It is in a rural area and the husband is supposed to come in the door where she is waiting with a gun only it is another man that she kills instead. This man is possibly her lover? The incident is set up to be like an intruder coming in on her. The local sheriff is suspicious of her. The last scene is with this woman in jail with gray streaks in her hair. There was also a write up of this movie in a section of Entertainment Weekly several years ago. The woman was very pretty and a great actress. Do you know the name of this film? Someone please tell me that.

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    sorry, that is not enough information for me. There have been several movies with a similar plot. If you could remember the name of the actress, or describe her more, so that I can search actresses I think it might be, and their movie bios.
    Or you can better check on the website of TCM. They have listed a lot of classic movies over there and you will find what you are looking for. More you can check it in the movie guide of IMDB and some other platforms on internet. I am mentioning the website of TCM here:

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