Black Worms in Toilet. Black Worms in Toilet. For a little over a week now have had these tiny

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Black Worms in Toilet. For a little over a week now have had these tiny black worms that look like eels in my toilet. i feel like they will bite my shukaZulu when i am sitting for a download. if you look at it from a distance but think they look hairy up close.  they are in most of the toliets in the house i was told by someone they might be drain fly. i paid for pest control experts to come and help me out but they were not able to do anything other than give me an hefty bill. I have tried everything, bleach, bug killers etc. but they keep coming back. I don't want to replace toilets, can anyone help, this is so stressful.

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  1. Guest28134220

    effective open your toliet window enough air out or else too humity will get worm

    use bleach on your floor and toliet and toliet drain leave it for 10min to 30min after that clean with water!!!



  2. Mitchel

    I guess this is  a plumbing issue, as these small black worms are the larvae of black scavenger flies, who made their way to your toilet through a broken pipe. I would advice you to call your plumber and ask him to repair all the sewerage pipes, as these worms can't simply be eliminated through pesticides.

  3. Guest10311221
    I have been reading different forums on this. We have this problem also with one of our toiletts upstairs. And to help narrow it down, I think they actually live in the toilette itself! What happened is we had seen these in this bowl a while ago and then it looked like they were gone. As it so happens we moved that bowl to a different bathroom in out house (got a new one for the other bathroom). And now they are showing up in the same toilette bowl we had seen them before. We are thinking they migh be living inside the porcelan itself. First attempt with bleach and toilette cleaner got a lot of them flushed out but didnt really kill them. Any idea how we can get rid of them would be appreciated.
  4. Guest6149596
    Probably drainflies. See this post on another site:

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