Birthday party ideas for 12 year olds?

by Guest8139  |  11 years, 3 month(s) ago

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Birthday party ideas for 12 year olds? Need party ideas for an upcoming birthday where i am inviting all the cool girls and guys from my school. what i need is a really cool theme and some fun things to do.

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  6. Guest24537525

     hey my b-day is in only 2 WEEKS! and im freaking out bcuz i have no clue what to do!. i only have 5 friends so im going to invite all of them. im turning 12 and im a girl. i already know im going to do a slumber party. and realy i dont care if the other poeple in my class here about it becuz they hate me. so it wont mater. just as long as i have fun and my friends do too.

  7. Guest23621534

    im turning 12 soon im thinking of what i should DO GOING CRAZY well what we could do is flashlight tag at night oh 6 girls are comeing  my theme is summer jest plain old FUN summer  we are going to tan, whater balloons some are going to be jelloh filled!!!!!!! pie eating contest music/danceing even though im turning 12 does not mean we still cant have a pinyata were going to spice it up by puting prizes in it we should at least get six prizes so everybody gets one and were goin to have smores movie and a cooool dinner vip like dinner try to make them fill like there the only ones on the list MAKE SHORE U CLEAN because  when u do people fill refreshed when its hot or gets hot give then nice cold whater with those cool unbrella + MORE I HOPE THIS WAS GOOD

  8. Guest23291853

     Wow i posted this a while ago I am 13 now


  9. Guest23290287
    I'm turning twelve in 18 days I have no idea what I want my birthday to be only thing that I know is that I'm playing that truth and dare gallon game and eating random foods thing game Anyone have ideas that don't include sleepovers
  10. Guest23281583

    hey there:) im turning 12 in about a week and i have a few ideas... you could have a house/neighborhood hunt and have 2 people in a team so you could find something on a list, you could have the girls make a cake together and then eat it later in the night, you could make your own cheap spa, movie marathon, make-overs, karaoke if you have the machine, when the girls walk in, you could put down some tarp or a carpet  and get a fake paparazzi to surprise them, and you could even have a little pamper party with them! i hope my suggestions are worth reading!!! good luck and have the best party EVER!!! love anna


  11. Josie

    Im Trying to have a chocolate party for my 12th I dont know what to have ive got a few games that me and my sis thought of like pin the tail on the donkey chocolate style eg. have a girl holding out her hand and for the tail have a chocolate bar what you have to put it in the girls hand.. if any one has ideas for a chocolate party i would love to know..!

  12. Guest23129171

    I am turning twelve in four days and my party is in 6 days.  I am having 7 people over and we are going to the mall to do a mall scavenger hunt. what we do is split up in to teams and make a list of thing to find like a macys shopping bag or a paper clip.  We are also putting things on the list to take a picture of like with a sales guy named bob or wearing a boa and a hat.  When we come back we might make our own pizzas or make our own spa.  All of the girls are sleeping over so we are going to watch a movie.  I was wondering if the pizza thing or spa thing would work or should we do something else?

  13. Guest23088142

    i am having a around the world in one night party

  14. Guest23087192

    For my 12th birthday party im having 7 friends round after school then were gunnna give makeovers after that were eating :) then going to the cinema to see chalet girl (!) then we'll come back to my house have ice cream sundaes and popcorn (etc) then were gunna play on just dance (1 & 2) and watch a chick flick, be girls, re-do makeovers, facials, charedes, Uno (I know it sounds babyish but uno is acctualey well fun! My mate played it at her 12th and we had a blast!) Then sleepover (Staying up rreeeaaallllllyyy late) Then everyone going home just before lunch! But I need more ideas (Cheap is good!!!) :)

  15. Mitchel

    Planning a birthday party for a twelve year kid can be a fun thing, you can plan a slumber party. Send slumber party invitations to your kid's closest friends. Its better that the guest invited are of the same gender.

    You can have interesting games for the slumber party, like "campfire" games, board games, Wii or karaoke. For food you can have ice cream sundaes and mini pizzas. Don't forget to have sleeping bags for the slumber party, as they are the important aspect of this sort of birthday parties.

  16. Guest22792192

    Sleep in tents outside get some helium ballons and suck in  and make funny noises!

  17. Guest18708960
    I want to have a hotel party but the closest hotel to me is the holiday inn and it is to expensive so I am afariad my mom and dad will say no could I have some advice??
  18. Guest18579005
    hey i have the EXACT same issue i was going to have my b-day party at dave and busters if u dont know wat thth is then u can look it up its aweswome!!!! but we just recently had a flood so no its under water it will be repaired soon!!! soooo im just waitinnnnnnnn
  19. Guest18578819
    anyone got ideas for my 12 year old daughter's baking themed sleepover party? (5 girls)
  20. Guest18508452
  21. Guest18484753
    im an 11 year old girl and was having some trouble with party ideas too. i did some research and actually decided on a camping type of theme. i have a pretty big backyard so we are probably gonna light a fire and have a barbeque. i want to have games like night tag, (with flashlights) i want to play a game where we have balloons and we put dares inside them and whatever balloon u pop u do that dare. and another one with balloons is when you tie a balloon to your ankle and other people try stomping on your balloon. im not doing this game but i did some research and some people did this: they have 2 teams and have 2 bags full of foods; some good and some gross. they each turn their heads away and pick out a random item. if they eat it they get a point but if they refuse to the other team gets one. the team with the most points at the end wins. i hope this helps
  22. Guest18460677
    I want to have a glow in the dark birthday party i am 12 how would i do that????
  23. Guest18398984
    i know i have no idea what to do helppppp?????
  24. Guest18390318
    Well the best idea would be,(if your talking about decorations)to have pink and green dark pink and light green. And if you have pink stuff in your room then get it out of their. If you have a older sister and she has cool stuff in her room then you could borrow it. Or as a birthday gift you could get new bedspread or cool decorations. And get a sterio if you dont already have one. or borrow one.
  25. Guest18286355
    i am turning twelve in.....16 days and i only hav a select group of friends so i came up with the idea of just inviting 3 people over for a sleepover and insted of having an extravagant party im using that party money and hitting the mall with my friends! hope this sparks ideas!!!
  26. Guest18281956
    Well depends on the money your willing to spend but if you want to do something really differen't then hire out a limmo/hummer it costs about £250 quid but it depends how long you want it for get it to drop you and your friends to a restaurant, pick you up again and take you to an ice cream place or something, and then take you for a spin around and then come back for a sleepover. Me and my brothe both did this and it was fantastic although we had it done as a surprise. It's really fun and memorable night....EVERYONE THOUGHT WE WERE CELEBRITIES WHEN WE STEPPED OUT IN OUR TIGHT BLACK RESSES HEELS, HAND BAD, AND BIG SHADES!. Honestly do it it's fun AND NO I AM NO RICH BUT YES I HAVE RODE IN A 2 STRETCH LIMMO@S AND 2 HUMMERS :D :p oxo
  27. Guest18282520
    have a glow in the dark party
  28. Guest18242734
    i need help for my 12th birthday party its in 3 weeks and have no idea what them i should do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  29. Guest18241437
    Let them watch horror movies and in the end give him the key for his new car! hehe. Watch Beauty & the Briefcase (2010) [DVDRIP]
  30. Guest18241207
    I'm turning 12 and what I'm doing is this: 1) Everyone comes to my place in pyjamas xD 2) We eat (buffet) 3) We watch a movie 4) We play stuff eg Twister xDD 5) Scary stories :) hope i helped xx
  31. Guest18221788
    OMGG , ohkayy imm turning 13 andd i have no ideaa what to doo for a partyy doess anyone have any cool ideas , my friendss partiess were ohkay . butt minee has too be ahh-mazzing . pleassee hellp . imm one off thee coolest girls in my school and i have a rep. to follow ! pllzz hellp !
  32. Guest18065419
    have a make ur own pizza party or a red carpet party.
  33. Guest17852218
    the games I am playing at my party are: *waterbombs *Donut Game (where u tie a bit or string around the donut and hang it on the clothes line whoeva eats it first wins) *truth or dare *Spotlight *Freeze *Scratch, Scratch( at very late at night like 12 one person lays on the bed then 1 person rubs there temple and the other rubs it tummy. You have to lift ur shirt up for it to work. The other person tells a scary story example: There once was a man with a gun Scratch, Scratch. You are only allowed to say scratch sracth three times in the story. Also everyone has to have there eyes closed. The person who was laying down turns around and they should have scratchs on there back. If there isnt u didnt do it properly
  34. Guest17807101
    well im turnig 12 and i am going to invite my hole class to get pizza then get a limmo to see and movie and do a sleep over with everyone oh and im playing spin the bottle and hopefully i get to make out and touch my crush
  35. Guest17807101
    well im turnig 12 and i am going to invite my hole class to get pizza then get a limmo to see and movie and do a sleep over with everyone
  36. Guest17788043
    Well u could do lazer tag or go 2 a japanese resturant.Get twelve presents and hide them so they could find them.
  37. Guest17757243
    BEING A GIRL AND GETTING UR PEROID IS RETARDED I SWEAR!! U cant go swimming while u hve ur peroid and it's so uncomortable ughhh o well doctors need to figure out a way to not get peroid they suck a*s
  38. Guest17736526
    I had a party at Rascaals Fun zone or i had 1 at Craigs Rock climbimg but i dont no what i want for my b-day party this year and 2 weeks till my b-day
  39. Guest17639836
    Go bowling everyone loves that and it's a classic! It's easy and not hard to organize and that way both boys and girls are having fun!!
  40. Guest17494961
    surprise party take your closes friends mabye 5-7 make them were blind foldes and take them to ur house have them have mini games then chill at the house. around the evening make them get back into the car and wear there blind foldes and take to the mall/movie/park or and other place savenger hunt starts then take them home or for ice cream and then have a sleepover watch movies hide and seek in the dark fun games u can find at toys r us or your own imagination always works:) better invite me jayykayy :D hope it works xoxo
  41. Guest17446687
    let them choose their own theme and do their party in seperate rooms.
  42. Guest17402698
    SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!! i just had my period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  43. Guest17319066
    my birthday party is sometime in april im turning twelve and i have no idea what to do! i have $ days to think of something! ive so far got glow in the dark scavenger hunt, spin the bottle, award show(biggest choice), make commercials, scavenger hunt in mall,pinyata,dace off, water balon toss, fear facotr and idk other things! im gunna do cool games like spin the bottle and who can find the strawberry in the wipped cream and have like 5 ppl sleepover after! ahh i cnt wait i need idea but good ones not lame spa ones! MY PARTYS ARE ALWAYS GOOD NO ONE FORGETS THEM EVERRRRRRR!!!\
  44. Guest17117340
    buy a zhu zhu pet because they are fun for boys and girls, it is fun for the kids having their own hamster even if not real!
  45. Guest16973835
    have a paintball party i went to my cousin's party last week
  46. Guest16971238
    you can have a outdoor bday with a cookout and water things that would be fun
  47. Guest16939648
    I'm turning 12 March 30! But i have no idea of what to do....... It has to be a party to remember! I'm thinking about Pole Position...
  48. Guest16926003
    have a disco party!
  49. Guest16826947
    Have this party,go bowling,go hang out at the pool,beach or have a BBQ, all these ideas are fun and interesting and if you dont think so GO TO THE MOVIES i know its plain and simple BUT this could be the best ideas ever. Its your choise (and never doubt the expert)[been there, done that]!!!!!!!! KEEP SMILING ...
  50. Guest16785503
    i went 2 a friends 12th party it was boys n gals it was awesome but really simple. we watched a hilarious movie den played dares n went outside on the street n de guys played footie. AWESOME PARTY!!! keep it simple hope dis helps
  51. Guest16706924
    well u could hav a sleepover with like 4 friends and sleep at a hotel cuz thats wat im doing and the pool the has a indoor and outdoor and we r playing truth or dare and all kinds of fun games.
  52. Guest16659292
    Please help i need to now ideas i am 11 and my b-day is the 28th of feb. i need to no b4 the 20th PLZ PLZ PLZ help
  53. Guest16652985
    have a fun bonfire so that both genders will have a fun and incredible experiance cook hot dogs and at night play flash light tag
  54. Guest16497454
    pizza hut first, then go see some think action or funny at cinima take bout 8mates after that bring 2 friends home wiv you and hav a sleep-over (stay up late lol) then they go home at 6pm the next day! hope its helpful! that 4 a boys b'day not girls all tho girls can hav one to but im a boy so.... you know hope it helpful
  55. Guest16428869
    go to lazer quest everyone loves it both boys and girls and they have a party room sooooo they don't have to mess up your house
  56. Guest16321250
    I am havig the same problem im 12 years old and i cant find anyting to do cause im in middle school!!!!!!!!!!!
  57. Guest16294324
    go the dentist and eat your cookie
  58. Guest16150467
    Maybe you can do a pirate theme or miya and migual theme it's not too babiesh for them because my 11 year old had a Elmo party.
  59. Guest16107059
    well... i am turning 14 in march. and yes i have been planning my party since my last birthday.! (: anyway... my party is red carpet themed. when my guests (both guys and girls) walk into my house (which is the cheapest place to save up for my blow out sweet sixteen (: ahaha) there will be a red carpet. there we will take a picture together as if we are walking down the carpet and the papparazzi caught us. i will then give them the picture back in the thank you cards. my mom's best friend makes picture frames, so she agreed to make us a couple for the girls so i can give those out at a low price. then on different levels of my house i have activites. upstairs i have food and music downstairs i have the wii for sing it and just dance and those kinds of games. then outside my dad agreed to build us a fire and we can hang out there with some food. we are going to play manhunt and thats all my friends and i really have planned right now. hope this helps.! <3 ashlee
  60. Guest16086273
    well you could have like a hollywood theme eg red carpet awards ect
  61. Guest16083566
    For my party, (Im turning 12) lolzz. Im renting out a nIghtclub for a night, im having a DJ then afterwards 3 of my closest friends ae sleeping over. o yeah and me and 2 of my friends are making up a dance right now for us to do on the stage at the night club(: im soo excitedd. hope this helps.
  62. Guest16082576
    For my 12th birthday party I was thinking I would have a dance party..... we would have snacks on the table such as fruit on a stick, non achoholic cocktails,and a chocolate fountain. A karoke machine, I figured the boys could goof off! umm.... also have boys and girls dance together and have a dj play a slow song so couples could dance together! - Truth or Dare or Spin the Bottle later!
  63. Guest15928070
    well for girls, take them to the mall. split them up into groups of two or three (making sure each group has at least one cell phone. they must be with their partner(S) at all times- no splitting up to get done faster.) then, give each group $10-$20 and have a mall scavenger hunt. say something like: ok, go to Claires and pick out a pair of earrings under $3. Go to Justice and pick out some cool shades for under $7. Just stuff like that (and yes, tell them they need the receipt as proof) and whoever gets everything on the list or the most items(in the amount of money given), WINS!!! this game is really fun and, well.. kind of expensive if you have a lot of groups but its WAYYYYYY worth it.
  64. Guest15893550
    water ballon/ nerf gun fight!!!!!! or neighbor hood scavenger hunt
  65. Guest15826511
    Well, for my 12th birthday, i went iceskating with a couple of my friends (2 boys, 3 girls) after we went back to my house for some food, games, and we put makeup on the boys. Then for the girls i had a sleepover that night, with pamper gear, scary movies and lots of food and drink!! Hope this helps :)
  66. Guest15786226
    For my sister's 12th birthday party she had a fancy dress disco party, and invited both guys and girls. she rented some disco lights and a stereo from a local shopp. hope this helps. x
  67. Guest15711234
    I went to a friends 12th b-day party (he is a guy, im a girl) there were about half girls and half guys. it was pretty casual, but still cool, we danced, had a dance off, limbo and a couple of geeky kiddish games which was hilarious (a bunch of 12 yr olds playing musical chairs...LOL!!) then we played spin the bottle, but to make it more interesting we had levels, 1. hug, 2.kiss on cheek, 3.both kiss on cheek, 4.kiss on cheek on couch, 5. LIPS 6. 2 mins in heaven, u can go up from there if ya wanted to, it didnt have a theme, on the invite it was just like come to my b-day bla bla bla. Soz, bit ling but hope i helped, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  68. Guest15667850
    Something like sky high (which is a place with a bunch of trampolines to jump on) bowling, or i once found this trapeeze place where you can do the trapeeze. Good Luck!
  69. Guest15627976
    I am having my birthday in four months, and I am having a sleepover with three of my best friends. Three is enough to handle, and all girls love to put makeup on. We are going to watch a movie on my flatscreen, and eat popcorn. Hope this helps!
  70. Guest15577524
  71. Guest15482883
    why dont u have a moktail party? i did it for my 12th, make non alcholic coktails, serve it with mini umbrellas and fruit on a stick. eat pizza, play limbo and go on kareoke machine, also play fun party games and have a chocolate fountain. this is great for boys and girls, its inexpensive and you can do it at home. remember to have lots of decorations if your doing it indoors in winter.
  72. Guest15355301
    I have my 12th birthday party coming up in just a few weeks and i think i am going to do this Have everyone come over to my house (boys and girls)and just talk play some games dance to music do laser tag stuff like that. Then we will all go to our local mall for a mall scavenger hunt (split up into teams of 3 or 4 and they each have only 10$ to spend and there are clues and whoever had everything first wins another 10$) then go eat at the food court, open presents have cake/lunch, and at my mall there is and bungee jump place we will do that too. Then we all go see a movie. The guys then go home and the girls stay for a sleepover! The next morning we just hang out (play games. talk, laser tag, dance etc.) I think it will be a lot of fun and the good part is that it doesnt cost too much either! Hope my suggestion helps! ~Person
  73. Guest15354707
    i love new moon!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)
  74. Guest15354707
    spin the bottle is beastly :)
  75. Guest15354360
    have a newmoon or twilight party! they r asome everyone loves new moon.
  76. Guest15349255
    well what about a pamper party all girls would love that or just give eachother makeovers (nails, hair, makeup ect...)
  77. Guest15327859
    I'm having a scavenger hunt at my local shopping center tomorrow. it's gonna be awesome
  78. Guest15314102
    I am having a bowling party for my twelth birthday the bowling alley also has dodgems and provides food .
  79. Guest15301509
    i like the idea of going to a pool or hotle. mabe an aquirium?
  80. Guest15242748
    i think a dance party sounds fun, u could have a disco ball and it could be dark and u could have loud music and stuff lol
  81. Guest15227332
    You should have a survivor party! i did it last year it was a big hit! do a bunch of survivor games and eat pizza and maybe have a sleepover. winning team gets a 5$ gift card losers get a smaller prize like candy. So much fun
  82. Guest15210150
    sleep-over and bowling goin to da zoo seeing a movie having a dance or costume partyidk what ever sounds fun
  83. Guest15208288
    i'm turning 12 in 9 day i was thinking a dance party and ask some my friends what they were thinking about it and im doing to have that party and you should have 2 types of pizza pop maby some justice for the people who dont drink pop and some cake and games also dont make all the food unhealthy so my mom said some fruits are good too
  84. Guest15202708
    Have food available, cater for diets and such. Pizza and pasta always a hit! Have some fun games, like twister, i turn twelve in 2 days. Planning party now|! Lol
  85. Guest15173737
    dance party
  86. Guest15138570
    Well im thinking Mall much fun!! Like a sleepover with loads of snacks and movies Lazer quest :) Ice cream palour party ( get tons of flaviurs of ice-cream and loads of toppings and decorate funn!!!)
  87. Guest15012772
    Movie night
  88. Guest14911312
    Im turning 12 in 8 days and i have no idea what i want for my party im inviting boys and girls and its in the winter and i cant have a dance party at my house because my house is too small !! HELP !!!
  89. Guest14910389
    slumber party sleepover outside pool party dance social bungee jumping? pedicures and manicures shopping- birthday kid's mom pays for everything lazer tag outside hang out amusement park zoo ohhhhhh whats the use! or do it like what Carmen did 4 her birthday (in george lopez) - kinsinyata
  90. Guest14910096
    Dance Party! i just get a good DJ, pizza, chips soda,and snacks like that! ask the Dj to bring all of the lights he/she has and to bring a fog machine if they have it (normally do) this will be a awesome party! ps: at night not day its no fun in the day and since only 12 ask the DJ not to play slow songs.
  91. Guest14862376
    you could do candyland but make it age appropriate
  92. Guest14811621
    SleepOver and rollerskating :D
  93. Guest14699765
    my birthday is in 7 ays NO IDEA WHAT TO DO what do u think about having a mall scavenger hunt and then a sleepover
  94. Guest14633278
    you could go to a movie, dinner, pool party, rollerskating, hotel party lots of things!
  95. Guest14611370
    i need to know tooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  96. Guest14361608
    Im turning 12 in Feb. I need some ideas for my birthday party but I can`t have a sleepover so anythin else I can...Please if you have any ideas for my party...please post them. Thanks.
  97. emily
    you could go to a fair. you could also go see a movie or spin the bottle.
  98. Guest14338188
    play mad libs, shrades, hid and go seek, have a pinata, pin the tail on the donkey, watch a movie, war(boys vs. girls) with nerf balls, apples to apples, twister, tag, wheelbarrow races, leapfrog races, red rover, kickball, and truth or dare!
  99. Guest14248270
    you could go see movie, go to dinner and have a sleepover or you could play truth or dare
  100. Guest14199747
    you could go rollerskating!!
  101. Guest14044228
    you could have a scraapbook party get a computer and a printer have yourself take pictures of you children and all the guests then at the end have a group picture of everyone and make a homemade scrapbook
  102. Guest13872463
    an easy way to do it is to find out what her favorite things are and throw them in the party if she likes webkins have a movie night theme wear you can snuggle with your webkins during the scary parts if she likes cell phones have like a thing were you use the house phone both of them go hide somewhere and the people will have to come find you but you have to give themm clues on the phone of where u are okkkayyyy byyyyye oh ya im turning 12 on dec 23 and im gonna have a kick a** birthday were going to the movies then out to eat for pizza then back to my house for the sleepover im gonna try to persaude my mom to let us go to the treasure coast mall by are selfves thts wat i dd last tyme we went to claires and all kinds of places and bought clothes to wear to school the next day and we looked super flyyy LOL it wuz fun and my friendsz really seemed to like it alot cause the whole school wuz tlkin bout my party last year before it even happened soooo byye hope you find an idea or use mine see yah l8er
  103. Guest13789907
    Hey.. Well for my party i was thinking of doing a costume party... People come in costumes and you vote with catagories : MOST CREATIVE , GLAMOUROUS HUMOROUIS. HALLOWEEN ALL OVER AGAIN !! But some1 said 2 do a cream party and that was a really good idea !!!!!!! Give ideas this website is through the whole USA no1 has ideas were all saying the same thing. I hate having a winter bday nothing 2 do :-(
  104. Guest13788959
    hi i am 1 is that cool or what i can lol
  105. Guest13559949
    ahhhhhhhmmmm pacanton ka !!!!!
  106. Guest13556907
    Ummmmm try doing something that you can trust them at but not anything babyish either so asked the twelve year old what she or he wants to do and then make something up.
  107. Guest13305229
    you could always have a pool party or if you dont have a pool this is what i did. i went to the closest hotell with a pool and had a sleep over party their
  108. Guest13248967
    and im not a girl... imma boy... -Guest13248967
  109. Guest13248967
    im turning 12 in janurary and i dont no what to do! i need a fun idea to, like go to a place or games i can go to! i neeeed to no now( but not to expensive my parents arent that rich and the economy is..well yeah..
  110. Guest13120956
    i just had my first kiss it was awsome o yeah he loves me
  111. Guest12862440
    my party is in about a month and i've decided to have a cream party i no it sounds weird but i think it'll be really fun, you can play games like cream doughnut on a string, cream pie throwing( paper plates with shaving cream), whip cream wars and make ur own ice cream sundaes but i want 1 or 2 more games just to make it really cool , but they hv to have something to do with cream... i hope my other info has helped
  112. Guest12808837
    i am turning 12 and i really wanted to do a go-kart thing where we g o gokarting except the only place was outdoors and i have a winter birthday
  113. Guest12616235
    i am turning 12 later this month and i have learned that junk food, roller skating and laser tag is a perfect combo
  114. Guest12615881
    Wellllll.... maybe u cud.......... have a damce party. not fancy but like new music. get a dj nd everything!!!!
  115. Guest12516401
    have a seep ova!!! invite a couple friends for the sleepover nd the rest can stay till late at night.... boys will be entertained by play stations nd stuff but girls will want movies makeup dancing !!!! eat pizza cake nd make sure U have the most amount of fun becuase its ur bday!!! PS: I HAVE BOYS ND GIRLS COMING TO MY PARTY ND ITS IN THE WINTER.... PLZ GIVE ME SOME IDEA!!! BUTT IT CANT B BOEING BCUZZZ MY PARTIES R ALWAYS EXTREMLY AWSOME.....(NO ONE FORGETS THEM)
  116. Guest12236563
    dance party duhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  117. Guest12099718
    im turning twelve in a couple of days and I NEEEEEEEEEEED help im having a sleep over and i the theme is night and i cant find any good night games to play except how to scare sum 1 with night vision goggles
  118. Guest12092580
    its my birthday soon i dont noe what to do i need help boys and girls are coming???????????/ahhhhhhhhhh
  119. Guest12061989
    Im stuck on that too. but i was thinking skating or bowling, then the girls can come back for a sleep over!
  120. Guest11857024
    glow int he dark parties i had that and everbody had a blast until the cops came.
  121. Guest11848289
    most people would enjoy silly string wars instead of big parties.
  122. Guest11848289
    you could have a giant movie party, with neon balloons and everything.
  123. Guest11805435
    Costume parties are always fun!
  124. Guest11783685
    Hey, My cousin is 12. And at his party he had a music trivia and EVERYONE loved it. I hope the party turns out great
  125. Guest11763789
    I am 12 and planing a suprise party for my best friend and I think I have some idea that you could use. Dance party all the way
  126. Guest11680391
    oh thats easy im turning twelve soon and having a pool party if u dont have a pool though the girls love slumer parties and the guys can go to code red
  127. Guest11574907
    i really want some help im thinking ice skating or something i want to invited my boys to what to do?!!!
  128. Guest11410594
    i had a lasertag birthday party. They are FUN!!!!!
  129. Guest11410635
    im turning 12 in like 16 days but my party is in 27 days... i know its kinda early to plan my birthday but IM IN DESPERATE NEED OF HELP!!!!
  130. Guest11283616
    go to a indor bounce place or do laser tag!!! go to fancy hotel fot the weekend!!! maybe like a pool party at a hotel and hire a balloon or magcian person!!! kust do something that YOU wanna do!!!
  131. Guest11237808
    play some great tunes and just dance and have snacks and drinks
  132. Guest11096669
    DO a scaverger hunt at the mall and then give the girls like 10 dollors and they can buy cheap things for thier gift bags!!
  133. Guest10958167
    mall scavenger hunts are fun you can go a week before the party to the mall. You will need to find a couple of items and let the kids take pictures of the items or buy the items.
  134. Guest10762212
    My party is on the 14th of August and I really need game ideas!! We're going to go see a movie!! But when we get back what are we supposed to do?!?! BTW>>> My theme is Hawaiian!! What do we do when we get back from the movies?? Its only a girls party!! NO BOYS ALLOWED!!
  135. Guest10743441
    Blind Makeovers are always fun! How about a trivia about how well they know you? eg: What is my fave color?
  136. Guest10454526
    survivor themed play games under the categort of outwin outplay and outlast i did a game where u get privately interviewed and then later your team has to guess what the other person on your teams answer was.
  137. Guest10454526
    survivor themed play games under the categort of outwin outplay and outlast i did a game where u get privately interviewed and then later your team has to guess what the other person on your teams answer was.
  138. Guest10440512
    im turning 12 in september and am stressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know its a long time but i NEEED IDEAS LOLA
  139. Guest10418519
    im turning 12 in 2 weeks and i despretly need an idea. btw only 7 year olds like hannah montanah!! sorry if this didnt help but im stressed out trying to find out what to do for my party!!!!
  140. Guest10293918
    At Home: Try themed parties (whatever theme interests them), or a sleepover. Away: Theme Park, Pool, Ice Skating, Rock Climbing, the Movies...
  141. Guest10277437
    Why don't you do a pool party there great and play games or go play manhunt or lazer tag everyone loves that

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