Bin Laden used his wives as human shield

by Jacob  |  9 years ago

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I want to know about wives of Osama bin Laden. I have heard he used his wife as human shield; can someone give me information regarding it? Please let me know about it?

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  1. Jacob

    US agents had asserted that Osama Bin Laden had been "firing behind" his wife when he was shot through the eye by a US Navy Seal, decorating a mighty likeness of the world's most liked man cringing behind a defenceless woman.
    In the initial account of the firefight, John Brennan, a US counter-terrorism authorized briefing the newspapers, said "There was family at that aggregate, and there was a feminine who was, in detail, in the line of blaze that allegedly was utilised as a protect to protect Osama from the incoming fire".
    However US agents have now accepted that Bin Laden was not equipped throughout the assault, did not blaze back and that his wife was only hurt in the assault, most probable in the crossfire, as asserted by unnamed agents cited by the US website Politico.
    "A distinct guy's wife was killed", said the website, citing an unnamed authorized who had briefed US TV newspapers, with the authorized supplementing that Bin Laden's wife was "injured not killed", having been shot in the calf.
    "Two women were shot here. It noise like their fates were blended up," said the US official. "This is hours vintage and the full details are still being ascertained as those engaged are debriefed." The website furthermore cited another authorized saying "I'm not cognizant of him [Bin laden] having a weapon."



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