Best way to align a Kenwood Stereo Decoder

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Is there any authentic website that can tell me the best way to align a Kenwood Stereo Decoder?

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  1. Angelina

     Some Kenwood vehicle stereos encompass a characteristic called Digital Time Alignment (DTA), which determinants the sound from distinct speakers to converge at a selected location. Because speakers are at diverse distances from the selected location, their sound may be somewhat out of sync. A DTA-enabled stereo eradicates this topic by dispatching the decoded digital yield to distinct speakers at distinct times. You can calibrate the DTA characteristic in your Kenwood vehicle stereo to fit the geometry of your car.
    • Choose the location interior the vehicle compartment where you desire sound to be synchronized. Unless you habitually propel the vehicle without travellers, this is generally the center of the traveller compartment.
    • Measure the expanse between the selected location and all vehicle speakers, along directly lines (minimum distance).
    • Find the greatest expanse amidst all measurements taken in Step 1. Call it M.
    • Press the "Function control" button on the stereo's front panel. Move the "Control" k**b on the stereo's front section until the brandish reads "Setup." Press the "Control" k**b. Move the "Control" k**b until the brandish reads "DTA." Press the k**b.
    • Move the k**b to brandish one of the speaker categories: "Front", "Rear" or "SW" (subwoofer). Press the k**b to choose that category. Move the "Control" k**b until the brandish displays the worth identical to (M-C), where C is the expanse between the speakers in the selected class and the selected spot. Push the k**b.
    • Repeat Step 5 for the residual classes of speakers in your car.

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