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Why don't you check this out it is the buisness my friend:

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hi There, Saturday night, boxing royalty came to Chicago once more, as Bernard Hopkins, Lennox Lewis, and Thomas Hearns all appeared at the UIC Pavilion for the rematch between Juan Diaz and Paulie Malignaggi. The August 2009 win by Diaz was hotly disputed (at least by those with the last name Malignaggi), and the repeat of their NABO Junior Welterweight title fight was eagerly anticipated. Riotous cheering (and a beaming Lou DiBella) greeted the entrance of Brooklyn’s Malignaggi as one of his crew members waved both Italian and US flags. An Applause-O-Meter would have been needed to see if his reception was actually louder than the deafening shouting that was heard as Houston-based Diaz entered. Despite a mere one-inch difference in height, Malignaggi looked much taller than Diaz, and his lanky jab was pumping into the Texan’s face from the very start of the first round. The Brooklyn fighter clowningly cupped his ear to encourage the chants of “Paulie! Paulie!” but they were drowned out by the answering “Diaz! Diaz!” as the bell rang to end the first. Diaz seemed to have trouble getting inside Malignaggi’s lanky reach, and all three judges awarded the round to Malignaggi. Paulie’s jab was a major factor throughout the fight; he threw 480, as opposed to 308 by Diaz.

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