Best luxury hotels in New Delhi, India.

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I am collecting information regarding Indian hotels. I want to know, Which are the best luxury hotels in New Delhi, India?

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  1. johnvictoramw

    There are a lot of different  hotels in India, and delhi is one of the biggest metro city, so in delhi there are a lot of luxurious hotels, Taj , blue diamond etc. I always prefer to visit the Travelguru whenever i want to book my hotel because this site provides me very nice discount on hotel booking.

  2. Guest23139586
    The list of best New Delhi, India Hotels is given below. Hotel Taj Mahal Hotel Taj Palace Hotel Oberoi Hotel ITC Maurya Sheraton Hotel Ashok Grand Hotel Grand Intercontinental Hotel Imperial Hotel Park Hotel Hotel Crowne Plaza Surya Hotel Hyatt Regency Hotel Le Meridien Marriott Hotel Hotel Vasant Continental Metropolitan Hotel Nikko Hotel Intercontinental (Nehru Place) Hotel Claridges Hotel Samrat

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