Best five Australian World Heritage Sites

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Can I get the list and details about the top five sites in Australia famous for their heritage and history?

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  1. Australia Guide
    Heritage is all the things that make up Australia's identity. The heritage sites in Australia include spirit and ingenuity, historic buildings, and unique, living landscapes in Australia. Among so many, five of the top World Heritage sites in Australia are: • Purnululu National Park, also known as the Bungle Bungles was declared a World Heritage site in recognition of the area's "outstanding universal value from the aesthetic or scientific point of view. • Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens, were inscribed in 2004 by the United Nations as a World Heritage site • Shark Bay, Western Australia on the western coast of Western Australia, a World Heritage site, is home to dugongs, dolphins and stromatolites. • Sydney Opera House, the iconic building on Sydney Harbour has also joined other famous world structures. • Tasmanian Wilderness is one of the largest remaining temperate rainforests in the world. Tasmanian Wilderness is a place for explorations, adventure and simply being with Nature at its most pristine and that’s why it is considered among the top five World Heritage sites in Australia.

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