Best deal for five Star Hotels in New York

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Best deal for five Star Hotels in New York and their contact details. i have heard deals are all over the place these days and five star hotels are no different. i'm looking for the list of the top hotels in the worlds most wanted city and i want to know how i can get deals that blow my girlfriends mind away. i'm going to be taking her to new york and i want to stay at the top hotel new york.

my budget is limited but if i can get a deal it would be awesome. i don't mind washing dishes when she goes to sleep to make sure my deal is attractive. i can also handle luggage, do house cleaning but my main strength is dishwashing; i have been a dishwasher at a local restaurant for 7 years.

once again i need the top hotel with the best deal in New York.

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  1. Shawn White
    are you for real... your girlfriend must be really hot.

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