Best Shopping options in Karachi Pakistan

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My fried recently shifted in Karachi; she wants to know about shopping options available in Karachi, could you tell few suggestions related to Shopping in Karachi Pakistan, thanks

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  3. kate

     With frequent urbanization in Pakistan, Karachi has become the world's biggest city with a metro area population of 18 million people. The beautiful commercial city offers a variety of shopping options to its travelers, as it is considered the home of every genre of shopping, from traditional Pakistani markets to upscale malls. Although several kinds of shopping are available in Karachi and additionally it has perfect location for the bargain hunter or any traveler on a strict budget. “Pakistan Rupee” is the currency which is used in Karachi and in other cities of Pakistan. The value of U.S. Dollar is about 81 Pakistan Rupees. Karachi has been ranked in the top five affordable cities of the world over the past decade, and placed at position number 4 on's World's Cheapest Cities of 2009. It is suggested that to be careful from pickpockets while shopping in Karachi, especially in overcrowded streets and market. The famous shopping area of Karachi are: Zainab Market, Park Towers, Tariq Road, Urdu Bazar , Ranchore Lines Bazaar. In Karachi many famous malls are also present, few options are:
    • The Forum: this is one of best shopping mall present in Khayaban-e-Jami, Block 9, and Clifton Karachi, Pakistan. Their phone number is 92-21- 3-5831275-6
    • Park Towers: it is situated in Shahrah-e-Firdousi, Clifton Karachi, Pakistan and their Tel: (92-21) 3-583-2525.
    • Dolmen mall Hyderi: this shopping mall is present in Block C, North Nazimabad Karachi, Pakistan.

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