Below in description is article from global post that Pakistan Army knew Bin Laden operation.

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  1. ZZ

     If Pakistani intelligence was already informed about all this than how did they put down the American helicopter. These blogs are being posted just to divert the public towards other facts so that they change the point of question that why ISI and other intelligence forces are not aware about this operation. 

    American used very intelligent way to approach to the compound where so called Osama was living. They used carbon papers on the wings of the helicopters so that the movement cannot be traced. And these helicopters came from a base camp near tarbella where Pakistan has given American's a separate base to carry on with their operations. 
    Moreover n one in Pakistan was aware about the operation and such blogs are just posted to make Pakistan a negative country in the world so that every one can raise finger against.
    Nothing more then a drama in my eyes by the America who them self made all these Taliban's to fight with Russia and now using them as a tool against Pakistan. 

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