How can I become a professional stage director?

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I am currently doing graduation in theatre program and I would like to become a stage director in the near future, Can you give me guideline about becoming a successful stage director.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Out of many careers available becoming a stage director is fun, challenging and it also gives a opportunity for creativity. It is managerial position where you manage all the phases of production of the theatres, also interpretation of plays and music. Here are some of the following steps that you can follow to become a stage actor.
    You can get in touch with the theatre community. You can perform in plays to study about in depth aspects related to production. You can learn each and every aspect of the theatre. During your work with other directors, watch them closely and get assistance and help from them in the best possible manner.
    Also you should attend classes and workshops which are located at the community theater, school, and at other avenues. Also try to get a degree from the University. Although it is not necessary but still it creates lots of opportunities for you. This is a quick way of learning and through experiences of other students you can perform well. Another important thing is the reputation of the Director, You can also try to build up good reputation for yourself and try to avail as many directing opportunities as you can.
    Once you become a stage director you cans open your own theatre , company etc. You can direct in schools and community theatres, and also give professional help.

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