Can I start acting career easily?

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I have always wanted to be an actor in television and movies, though for many years I fooled myself into I have always wanted to be an actor on television and movies, though for many years I fooled myself into thinking that those lives are unreachable for someone like me. Recently I have decided to go for it, but would like info on my current position and how to get to point B. I am in my early 20s I have a good job (one I took out of necessity to pay the bills) and student loans and a car to pay off. How exactly do I pick up and go to California, I heard it is expensive to live there and what about my bills? (I live in VA)



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  2. John

    Hi Stuart

    Thanks for writing. Here is the reality of an acting career. The chances that you will EVER be able to support yourself STRICTLY from income from acting are one in a million. The reality is that most \"actors\" in Los Angeles make a living doing something other than acting. They pursue acting because it is what they love and they dream that one day maybe they will find stardom.

    So, if you are not prepared to live with a low-income, or can find some other career in Los Angeles that will pay the bills while you pursue your acting career, then do not come to Los Angeles. It is expensive to live in LA. My book GET A REEL JOB will give you input about how much money to have before you make the move, where to find housing, what housing costs, etc. It was published in 1999, so I would increase all costs about 10% to get you closer to the current prices of things. You can find the book on or through my website at

    If after you have read the book you still have questions, don't hesitate to write and I will answer anything else you would like to know.

    Good luck

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