Bayern Munich Champions of Europe?

by markjones  |  10 years, 5 month(s) ago

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They are the top seeds in Group A, but are Bayern Munich good enough to win the UEFA Champions League in 2009/10?

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  1. ZZ

    At the beginning of the season it was looking like that Bayern Munich are going to be the champions and they were showing very fast game which is always there in the German players. And the team performed very well till the semi final stage.
    But in semi final they were looking totally out of form against ManU in Champions league and they lost both the legs to ManU. So it is not clear that a team performing so nice that they can be at the top stage getting out in the semi final to the EPL champions.
    Any ways the coming season will be very much interesting for the football fans because this year it will be the season of revenge. Now we have to wait and watch for the up coming season. And congratulations to my team on winning Spanish La Liga and UEFA champions league.

  2. Fahd Naveed
    The need to be stronger in the center of the midfield and in defence they might get a little shaky when they play any of the big teams from Spain, England and Italy. But the form they are in you cannot write them off
  3. Phillothen
    I can't look past the English trio of Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea, together with Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Barcelone. Bayern would come seventh on the list of favourites.
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