Basic Organizational Chart for Hospitality Resort

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Basic Organizational Chart for Hospitality Resort. we believe in providing the best place and ongoing training for our employees and are considering a training and development program for our staff. i am looking for some information on what is the best way to provide training and development. would love to get my hands on basic flow of an Organizational chart for that purpose.  I want specifically to know how many level of management should be present in a large company of more than 1300 employees. how many middle managers, unit managers, department managers, product managers and the operations manager. Any help in step by step way would be very helpful.

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    You would have to provide more information about what your resort is all about. the size, target market, location, is it all inclusive resort etc. etc. i will than be able to provide a much better answer.

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    Basic Organizational Chart for Hospitality/Resort

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