Barry's father and Linda Allen.

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I read somewhere that after Barry performed in Could It Be Magic on a television show, he met his father Harold. I am intrigued to know whether or not there were any harsh feelings between them or what, because coming from a similar kind of family setup as Barry, I think I would be a bit on edge about meeting my father for the first time. Do you know if his father was pleased to be the father of Barry? Besides, I want to know about Linda Allen.

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  1. Harry

    One thing is for sure that Barry and his father Harold, they both do not seem to be having a very good or a typical father and a son relationship with each other. Barry actually met his father for the first time after a concert he had done back in 1976. It was at WestBury Music Fair in Long Island New York. Both the father and the son really did not say much too each other except for some conventional words like How Are you and I really thought you were good tonight, meaning the way Barry performed the particular night. Although one would love to be known as a father or such a famous singer but not in the case of Barry and Harold. This all took place backstage after the show that night. Besides, talking about Linda Allen, she met Barry long before he ever became famous. She is just a person like anyone else.

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