The immediate family members of Barry Manilow

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I have some question regarding the immediate family members of the popular singer and song writer, Barry Manilow. What relatives does Barry have that constitute his immediate family, which includes aunts, uncles and his cousins as well as any childhood friends or school buddies. Does he keep in touch with any of them and do they still live in the Brooklyn area? Thanks for your information on this matter.

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  1. Harry

     As for Barry's immediate family members are concerned, the last news, shortly after the passing of his Aunt Rose, the only remaining immediate family he has is his Uncle Leo and their children (Barry’s cousins) Dennis and Olivia. His stepfather Willie Murphy was also there, but they don't really stay in touch anymore and his half-brother, Tim Kelleher who lives in San Diego and also not in contact Barry. He also has some step siblings on both sides, but was never close to any of them. As for friends from the old neighborhood, his two best friends in school are still two of his best friends, Larry Rosenfeld and Fred Katz and yes, they all do stay in touch as much as possible. The one last old friend from the neighborhood is Marty Panzer. It is interesting, though, that although Barry and Marty grew up in the same neighborhood and went to all the same schools; they never actually met until they both started working in the CBS mailroom when they were both 18.

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