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On a personal note, I particularly do not care what Barry's orientation is, I love his music regardless. But am I the only one who felt badly for him, I think Barry's family and friends are only show business people. What you say about it?

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  1. Marie

     As for your comment that Barry's only family and friends is show business people, I am sorry to hear you feel that way. Unfortunately, I think it is very common for the average person to come to the conclusion that celebrities only associate with other celebrities. Personally, I think this stems from the fact that a career in show business is very demanding, and secondly famous people have to be very careful about to whom they associate with. However, I would not get so far as to assume that celebrities do not ever have any friends outside show business. Yes, those friends outside show business may be limited, but the point is celebrities who were not child stars had lives and friends before they became famous. In addition, Barry has said many times over the years that he prefers to refer to his fans as friends. Yes, it is sad that celebrities will never have a chance to get to personally meet or know even a fraction of the people who have supported them for so many years and helped to make their career. This is the irony of being famous. You need the fans to support your career, but your career keeps you so busy that you rarely have a chance to talk to or get to know the very people who helped make you famous. I believe some celebrities do have a close circle of friends that they associate with which includes both people in show business which are much more obvious and other friends who are not in show business to help them find balance between their personal and professional lives.

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