Looking for the names of Barry current band members

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I am a big fan of Barry music. Its band members are much talented and great. Have you any information about Barry's current band members that play with him at the Las Vegas Hilton for his show? I am looking for their names actually. I also want to know about Stephen Barry Band debut.

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  1. Marie

     The Stephen Barry band was debuted in 1975. The band is very imaginative and gives a real pleasure. The Stephen Barry band has a very good reputation. This band is among one of the best bands like best blues and folk-blues. Over the past twenty five -plus years the Stephen Barry Band had been playing with such blues legends as John Lee Hooker, Bo Diddley, Big Moose Walker, Pinetop Perkins, Buddy Guy, Hubert Sumlin, Magic Slim, Eddie Kirkland, Nappy Brown, John Hammond Jr., and Big Mama Thornton, they also toured with them for more than three years. Stephen Barry is also offering a workshop on its history.
    His current band members of filming, music and passion are as follows.
    Ron Walters, Jr. - Music Director, Piano, Keyboards
    Russ McKinnon – Drums
    Ron Pedley – Keyboards
    Joe Melotti – Keyboards
    Mike Lent – Guitar
    David Rosenblatt - Drums and Percussion
    Ian Martin – Bass
    George Shelby – Saxophone
    Stephen Baxter – Trombone
    Chris Gray – Trumpet
    Monica Pege – Vocals
    Keely Vasquez – Vocals
    Kye Brackett – Vocals
    Melanie Taylor - Vocals
    I hope this information would be enough for you. If you still have any query regarding Stephen band then you can ask again.

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