Reasons for Barry and Linda break-up

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I have a concern regarding the married life of the famous singer Barry Manilow and his friend Linda. I just want to know that what the actual reason was for their split up. Did it happen as it was affecting the music career of Barry or was it because he was getting involved in some other woman?

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  1. Harry

    There have been several questions that keep rising about the relationship of Barry and Linda Allen. Somehow to be honest and correct, their relationship has been more of a friendship than anything else. However, it is believed that they were romantically involved at one time. It is also something to be well known over the years that Barry and Linda have not been living together like a couple for quite some time, and they may or may not still maintain a friendship. This is something very much surprising for the whole world and atleast for the fans of Barry Manilow that having lived with Linda for several years they could not be wife and husband. Instead their relationship ended up in a way that perhaps many people are still very much unaware of the reason that what could have been the possible reason. What it seems that despite having reached the age of 67 years, Barry still look forward to his career what has always kept him at the top of the world eversince he is being known to the music world. Besides, he never looked to marry another woman after his first marriage to Susan Deixler was broken.

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