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I have some health concerns regarding Barry Manilow, if he is doing well with his health. I had heard someone ask him about it on a talk show, but they never said what was wrong. If I am right, he had chest pain. Was it a heart attack or just an anxiety attack? I hope it was not serious. I have watched Barry for many years now and was very surprised when I read on the internet more info on his condition. How is he doing now?

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  1. Harry

    With Barry Manilow growing older day by day, there have been several concerns that keep rising about his health. His fans all across the world are always looking to inquire about his health, ofcourse knowing that he has reached an age where every year that he lives is a bonus. Keeping this in view, first and most important thing is, Barry is just fine. He is doing excellent with his health these days, which is good to know for all his fans. What had happened was that his heart went into Fibulation, which means that his heart beat went irregular. He said he felt like he had a Flounder inside of him, meaning a fish inside his chest. But fortunately, this is all behind him now. He is back with a clean bill of health from his heart doctor. All is well that ends well, and we have our Barry back in good health. There are many such fans who want him to be here forever and a day.

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