Where can I read the Barry’s grandfather story?

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Barry told a story on the Music and Passion special aired on PBS. I want to know about the story and I would like to find a transcript of this story. Can someone help me about it? I hope you can help.

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  1. Judi

    One of the most successful stars of adult contemporary pop, singer and piano player Barry Manilow had more than two dozen hits between 1974 and 1983. Barry told a story about their first concert and his grandfather was there. When Barry Manilow was a little young man in Brooklyn, New York, his Grandfather, Joseph Manilow, would take him over the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan. They would proceed to Times Square where there was a little "Record Your Own Voice" booth, which cost 25 cents. Barry was so juvenile at the time that he didn't actually realize what his Grandfather liked him to manage, so he wouldn't vocalize any thing regardless of his Grandfather's encouragement. "Grandpa Joe ‘as Barry called him’ was very continual, and eventually one week Barry did vocalize a little. Barry then clarified that when he sang, he admired it, not so much the vocalizing, but the music. Years subsequent, after "Mandy" went to No. 1, Barry was accomplishing at Carnegie Hall, and Barry asked for all his associates and family to arrive to the performance.
    Barry's Grandfather was there, and when Barry came out on stage every individual stood up, but when remainder of the assembly sat down, Barry's Grandfather did not. That was Barry Manilow's first standing ovation, and his Grandfather was the first individual to realise that he had melodious talent. If you want to read more about this story then you must check the following link and read in detail about the story:

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