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I have been a fan of Barry Manilow for many years. I have just recently seen him here in New Zealand on American Idol - I was transfixed - and tonight a Parkinson program. I am inspired to write to him and wonder whether you have an email address for him. One of my big questions is will he ever come to New Zealand to do a concert?

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  1. Guest28437385

     My mother has been a fan of Barry Manilow for as long as I can remember. My parents have been married for 65 years this June. My dad is on hospice and my sisters and I try to give Mom time out from taking care of dad as much as we can. The family decision was that he remain home so mom is with him 24/7. She has no idea I am trying to reach Mr. Manilow. There is an upcoming February concert in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. My sisters and I know it's a lot to ask, but wondered if there was any way Mom could meet Mr. Manilow? Please contact me at I would be happy to provide proof of what I have written. My mom has recently discovered Pandora and listens to Barry Manilow quite often. My sisters and I wanted to surprise her. Thank you for your consideration.

  2. Guest28431122

     Please come back to Tampa/St. Petersburg.

  3. Guest28140775
    barry will you be doing any concerts in Glasgow or even Aberdeen acc please as I came on 19 th may to see you and you were brill I think you r lovely when you r on sky art on sky tv I watch you all the time my favourite song is mandy can you re release again go in the charts please
  4. Harry

    If you wish to have any future information about Barry Manilow, it should be sent in care of the BMIFC which stands for Barry Manilow International Fan Club, the best place to send letters to Barry. As for if Barry, he will respond to any letter that is really very difficult to answer. However, his management does read these letters and they do pass along letters and correspondence to Barry that they think he needs to see or personally respond to. As far as meeting Barry, most people have met Barry and have done so by chance, or they have met him at a record or book signing or a BMIFC event. It is suggested that you do join the BMIFC as it does have events from time to time, you might have a better chance of meeting Barry at such an event. Besides, as far s his tour to New Zealand is concerned there is nothing confirmed about this as yet considering that Barry has a very busy schedule. However, if you keep visiting the website, any such information will be updated there.

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